Tuesday, January 13, 2009

David LOVES Waffles

David, my husband loves food, that's no secret. We were watching some t.v. show Sat 1/10/09 about breakfast places throughout the country. A waffle place caught our attention and I decided I needed a waffle maker. So, the next morning I drove to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought this beauty although I wish I could have gotten a "prettier" one, yes, I said prettier which is how I see all my large & small appliances. It was pretty inepensive and so far I have made 3 batches of 11 waffles each...no I have not thrown any away.

Cute Kitchen "Must Have" Items

So, I ran into (not like I was looking where else I can "invest" my money) these kitchen cuties.

You can find these cake cutter/server at http://www.cakecutter.com/krystal.html I can't wait to order it...or maybe I can:)

Also, I am not a wine drinker or an alcohol drinker for that matter...but since my 25th B-day is a couple weeks away I would love to have a couple of these bottles which you can get at http://www.amazinggrapeswinestore.com/store/product/3251/R-Winery-2006-%22Bitch%22-Grenache/

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baking Phase

I'm going through a "baking" phase, which happens every few months. Except this time I want to stick to it. Thankfully, my husband, mother, sister, and brothers are willing to devour my "creations". These are just a few of the things I have baked ( I will start taking pictures).

Hailey & Lola's 2nd B-day!

Hailey and Lola turned 2 on Fri. 01*09*09! I baked them a delicious cake and had pizza for the "guests". My mom and Daniela brought them gifts...how sweet of them.


So, I decided to start blogging!

I will be trying to keep an updated record of my "adventures" not just as a first time wife, but as a woman in a new phase in life.

I have now been married for 17 months! I'm married to a wonderful, loving man, David. We have 3 beautiful dogs (Bolo, Lola and Hailey).

Oh, my 25th B-day is in 16 days...can't wait! A QUATER Century:)